1. Just was listening to Total Control” today. Brought back memories of my Rock and Roll dreams attending college in the mid 80’s. Next up Speed of Light when i get home. Hopefully there is a club tour in the future that hits the Motor City. \m/\m/!!!!

    1. Thank you for giving us a listen. Glad we could satisfy your stroll down memory lane. We are hoping to tour in the summer after we work in more new music. Two down and working on the rest. Again thanks!

  2. hello, Just saw you guys on a sunset strip documentary on Prime amazon and am embarrassed that it took this long to hear of you. I was checking to see if you had any of your releases on cd for sale.
    Luis Pereira

    1. Hello Luis,
      We are currently working on a package of material that will be available for download and possibly cds will being the mix as well.

  3. Hello,

    I’m working on a story about your band. It’s intertwined with personal narratives about my relationship with my father who introduced me to your music. I’ve caught the eye of a production company and would love to speak with you about developing this further.

    Hope to talk soon,
    Gabrielle (they/them)

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